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a change agent and ideas broker for retail good

A change agent and ideas broker for retail good.

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Passionate about business providing worth for every person along the value chain, I believe responsible trade is the best way to create a positive experience for all stakeholders.

Seeking provenance will become the new normal and bringing forward the people behind our products, the future of how we transact.

Working on strategies that enhance a brand or retailer's understanding of the influence they have through their practice, I identify collaborations that serve a responsible purpose and make connections that provide benefit at both ends of a transaction. From suppliers to industry initiatives and partnerships, there are (e)ndless opportunities to create positive impact.

Advising on best practice standards and accreditations, supply chain due diligence and auditing, policy writing and change management, I work with clients to establish a deeper understanding of the risk as well as the opportunity inherent in supplier networks and the benefits arising from considered stakeholder engagement. 

Through my role as Australian Co-ordinator of Fashion Revolution, I facilitate and host industry events, manage an annual campaign and am a spokesperson for a more transparent and responsible fashion industry. 

As previous Deputy Chair of the Fair Trade Association of Australia & New Zealand I worked to extend the market for, and awareness of, Fair Trade businesses and products.

You only see what you are looking for. If you are looking to do good, I'd love to hear from you. You can find me here or via linkedin.

Melinda Tually

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