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Inn Talks at the Paddo Inn

Tuesday 13 August ‘19

Why sustainable practices are so important in today’s fashion industry. Hosted by Rosie Dalton, fashion journalist.

Speakers include Melinda Tually, Jade Sarita Arnott, Founder and creative director of Arsdorf and Clare Press, Vogue’s sustainability editor-at-large and presenter of the Wardrobe Crisis podcast.

Paddo Inn & Veuve Clicquot present Inn Talks. A series of speaker sessions together with Dress for Success.

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Melbourne Fashion Week: The Fashion Forum

Monday 2 Sept ‘19

Presented by Creative Victoria. Hosted by Melissa Singer, National Fashion Editor, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Fashion’s Next Frontier: Sustainable Style and Business Practice

Speakers include Melinda Tually, Paul Sweet, Managing Director, Levi Strauss Australia and New Zealand, Marnie Goding, Co-founder, Elk

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Melbourne Fashion Week Business Opportunities in Sustainable Fashion

Wednesday 4 Sept ‘19

Join a panel of experts as they discuss how the spotlight on sustainability in the fashion industry has driven the need for new business models shaping the future of fashion, and what consumers are doing to become more sustainable and ethically conscious when it comes to what we wear.

Featuring Melinda Tually as Facilitator with Dean Jones, Founder of GlamCorner, Kate Luckins, Founder at The Clothing Exchange and Jenna Flood, Slow Fashion Stylist and Founder of Ironic Minimalist.

More to come…

International Sourcing Expo Australia, Melbourne November 12, 2019

The Rise of Self-Expression in the Investment Markets, Rutgers Law School, New Jersey, September 27, 2019

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